Dalhousie Hilltop School overlooks the town from a quiet, sunny campus nestled amongst pine trees and apple orchards. The natural beauty of the Himalayan region is legendary. While Dalhousie has received acclaim as a paradise of beauty, Hilltop School stands tall as a haven for learning.

The scenic and pristine location of DHS is uniquely suited to provide a natural, structured and nurturing environment to bring out the best in our children and to teach them the academics, moral values and life skills that will empower and guide them to be successful global citizens of our society.

It is our firm belief that learning does not happen merely in the confines of four walls. It happens through discovery, interaction, engagement and experience. That’s why we have structured every small detail to ensure complete conduciveness for a rewarding educational experience.

Our Humble Beginning

Shri. Inder Mohan Dhawan dedicated his entire retired life to children and to the cause of education. He started the school in 1979. The campus that homes Dalhousie Hilltop School, is an ancestral property, an ideal place Mr. Dhawan felt, to start an educational haven for children. Having essayed many roles in prominent positions in India and abroad, Mr. Dhawan committed himself to the cause of building leaders, one child at a time.

What began then has progressed today into an institution which is renowned and reputed for the quality of education and conducive ambience for learning.

Some pupils show obvious academic ability from an early age; others may need more encouragement. We help each child discover their aptitude and develop their confidence as they experience numerous opportunities within and beyond the classroom.

Parents are involved in their child’s education at every step along the way; progress is regularly and rigorously reported and the achievements of students are recognised and celebrated. Because the children learn and grow within our secure and nurturing environment they develop a caring attitude towards each other, their school and the world around them.

To us, every child is an individual. We know them better than they know themselves; that is our job. Our outstanding pastoral care and nurturing environment help them to find and develop their own individual talents. Students leave Hilltop with the intellectual curiosity, confidence, compassion and independence that they will need in their future lives.

We have a reputation for turning out impressive young adults. Their achievements shine – in academic success and community spirit. They can build the strong relationships, both personal and professional, that are vital for a successful career. And they do not just follow the beaten track; hilltop students seek fulfillment, not conformity.

Our Mission/Vision

To create a society of progressive, thinking individuals who will contribute to the intellectual development of the Global Community by initiating positive changes in the social fabric; in the Technology & Administration of our life & businesses; and in the approaches employed to realize Individual & collective aspirations.

  • To provide the finest quality education that will evolve in step with the changes that takes place globally in the fields of education, science, commerce and arts.
  • To provide educational facilities that rank on par with those offered in the world’s finest educational institutions.
  • To provide an environment conducive to the development of progressive thinking.
  • To set new qualitative standards in education by employing innovative approaches.
  • True education therefore is in terms of knowledge, qualities, skills and attitudes and capacities that enable individuals to become conscious subject of their growth and active participants in a systematic process of building an ever-advancing civilization.

Our Commitment

In a spirit of school and family support, each staff member at the boarding house performs various supervisory tasks to:

  • Create favourable conditions for each student to acquire knowledge by ensuring an efficient, safe and stimulating environment, and providing demanding educational support based on communication with the student, the parents and the teachers.
  • Assist each student in acquiring skills in working and learning methods, personal organization, paced management of tasks and priorities, and making good use of the surrounding resources.
  • Serve as an example to each young person to help them in constructing attitude, based on respect for others and fundamental values, self-confidence, a positive attitude, self-determination and an appreciation for hard work suitable to the human and natural environment in which they coexist.

Our Campus

The Dalhousie Hilltop School earned it’s name by standing tall, at a height of 7600 feet, atop the hill we know as Upper Bakrota in Dalhousie, India. With spectacular views of the Himalayan Mountain range, the beautiful campus is spread over an impressive 12 acres, finding its home nestled amongst pine, deodar and apple trees. We pride ourselves on cleanliness and environmental awareness, teaching our students to care for and enjoy the beauty of our forests and mountains. We offer our students, and visiting parents, a chance to escape from the pollution, litter, hustle and bustle they find in the heart of India’s major cities and understand why Dalhousie is a destination for family vacations and travelers across the globe.

While we help our students learn, grow, and develop into productive members of society, our environment provides our students with thousands of trails, unparalleled wildlife, and some of the world’s cleanest air.

Why Us

  • Personal Attention for Every Student
  • Low Teacher to Student Ratio
  • CBSE Affiliation
  • CBSE Certified Staff Teaching Curriculum Focused on Board Exams and Placement
  • Unique Teaching Methods with Teachers from Across the Globe
  • State of the Art Computer Lab
  • Focus on Participation, Teamwork, Public Speaking, and Writing Skills
  • Real World Application in addition to Exams and Placement
  • Wide Variety of Extracurricular Activities
  • Spectacular Environment including World Class Views of the Himalayas and some of the Worlds Cleanest and Freshest Air
  • 100% English Speaking School with focus on Public Speaking and Writing Skills